The Bert Show


The Bert Show offers a blend of lifestyle advice, national entertainment news, celebrity interviews, humor and on-air community to listeners 12+. The program’s success lies in its lack of formula and the openness of the cast members to share the most intimate and vulnerable details of their lives.

This openness is what keeps the listeners coming back for more every day. This unscripted and uninhibited banter among the hosts is the driving force behind the show’s accomplishments.

Since its inception, the nationally syndicated show has grown considerably. After dominating the Atlanta market, The Bert Show is rapidly growing and now airs in cities like Indianapolis, Nashville, Charleston and many more and continues to grow!

An estimated 1 million people tune in each week to the four-hour morning show to hear crew members bare their most private secrets – dishing details on their love lives, friends and families.

The cast members share their life stories including struggles, triumphs and all of the emotion in between. They are also known for turning the tables and coaxing the same type of highly sought information from their many celebrity guests. In addition, the show gives back to the community through numerous charitable events and programs, including Bert’s Big Adventure, founded in 2002.

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